Community Development

The Community Development Department is responsible for implementing the Village's Comprehensive Plan, zoning regulations, building codes, subdivision regulations, and other Village codes as they relate to the built environment of the community. The department's two primary functions include: Planning and Zoning and Code Enforcement.

Planning and Zoning
Planning and Zoning is primarily concerned with the development, maintenance, and implementation of the Village's Comprehensive Plan, zoning ordinance, and subdivision regulations through the zoning petition process. This division works closely with the Board of Trustees, Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Planned Development Commission in the review and public hearing process for requests for map and text amendments, appeals, variations, special uses, planned developments within the Planned Development Overlay District, and plats of subdivision.

Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement includes enforcement of the building codes for all new construction and alteration of buildings, as well as field enforcement of zoning regulations. The division accomplishes these through the building permit process. Our employees review plans, issue permits, and inspect construction as it proceeds to ensure a safe built environment as defined by the building codes.