Building Permits

Building Permits
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Bill Hudson, M.C.P.
Building Inspections Supervisor
Building Permit Plan Review
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Therese Gallivan
Senior Permit Coordinator
Phone: (630) 368-5108

John Brazel
Building Inspector
Phone: (630) 368-5114

Joe Torres
Building Inspector
Property Maintenance
Phone:   (630) 368-5112
Carl Kuhn
Building Permit Plan Reviewer (PT)
Phone:   (630) 368-5116
(Tuesday and Thursday)

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The Community Development Department for the Village of Oak Brook is responsible for issuing permits and assuring compliance with the Village zoning, building, electric, plumbing and property maintenance codes. Village residents and builders must obtain a building permit prior to beginning any project.

See when a permit required and not required. Note: this list is not comprehensive - to be sure that a permit is or is not required, Please contact the Community Development Department for verification.

Before & After Applying
To ensure the building permit process runs smoothly, it is advised that you contact the department prior to making the application to ascertain what the requirements are for the project you wish to undertake. Once your permit has been reviewed and is approved for pick-up, a member of the department will contact you.

With every approved permit, you will receive a permit card, which must be posted on the job or construction site along with any approved plans. As construction proceeds, periodic inspections are conducted to ensure that the project is built safely and is consistent with all Village codes and ordinances.