Required & Not Required



A permit is required for:
  • Accessory structures including and sheds
  • Additions to any structure, including decks and patios.
  • Alarm systems (Electrical permit required for low voltage)
  • Attached or detached garages
  • Changes to an electrical system, including electric service upgrade
  • Changes to the plumbing system
  • Commercial telecommunications equipment including antennae and satellite dishes
  • Concrete or Flat work (Including steps, porches, and patios) - call for verification of the proposed work (630) 368-5110
  • Demolition of any structure or interior which involves any structural change or removal/disconnection to the electric, gas, plumbing or water.
  • Driveways - Permits are required new driveways and removing and replacing.  Sealcoating alone does not require a permit.  Call for information and requirements at (630) 368-5101.
  • Fences, dog runs, gates, and entry monuments
  • Generators
  • HVAC Equipment, including new, replacement, and additional units and/or equipment
  • Interior remodeling which involves any structural change or modification/addition to the plumbing or electric system
  • Lawn sprinkler/irrigation systems
  • New construction of residential, commercial, and office structures
  • Office partitions
  • Porches and decks
  • Portable storage units, PODS, Etc., Ordinance G-861
  • Replacing cabinets with structural alterations
  • Roofing of any existing structure. Residential Roofing Requirements
  • Signs - Sign Regulation Ordinance and Handicapped Sign Diagrams
  • Swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas
  • Temporary Uses - Permits are required for tents, portable generators, temporary signs, etc.
  • Water heater replacement - gas
  • Windows and doors New or Replacement - A permit is not required if only the glass pane is being replaced (e.g. fixing a broken window pane).

Not Required

A permit is not required for:
  • Changing cabinet faces or counter tops
  • Changing ceiling tiles
  • Changing existing light fixtures (If not being relocated)
  • Changing existing plumbing fixtures (If not being relocated)
  • Gutters, downspouts, and siding
  • Normal installation of household appliances
  • Painting, carpeting, tile, or hardwood floors
  • Permit Exceptions
  • Replacing cabinets with no structural alterations
  • Tuck pointing