Miscellaneous Permit Information - FAQ's

Architect Seals (Illinois only) - Required, if the cost of the job exceeds $25,000, an architect's seal is required on each page. The first page must be signed and stamped. Business Licenses - Not required at this time.

Architectural Building Plan Requirements - Two (2) sets. Plans larger than 24 inch by 36 inch will NOT be accepted without prior approval from the Plan Reviewer. One set will be returned after they have been reviewed and approved. Include all building and lot square footages - dimensions and scale should be on each drawing. Each page is to be stamped and sealed.

Commercial Building Permit Approvals - Oakbrook Shopping Center - Oak Brook Promenade - Clearwater - and other shopping centers/strip malls - Plans for work at Oakbrook Center, as well as many other shopping centers in the Village require a stamp of approval from mall/shopping center management on both sets of plans prior to submittal. If the stamp is missing, the plans will not be accepted.

Elevator Permits - Elevator drawings (2 sets), along with the completed General permit and Electric applications, are to be sent directly to Elevator Inspection Services Inc., 745 McClintock Drive, Suite 235, Burr Ridge, IL 60527, Attention Frank Cervone for approval. His phone number is (630) 323-6541.

Engineering Only Permits - Can be obtained directly from the Development Services Department - (630) 368-5101

Fire/Burglar Alarm Supervision at the Oak Brook Police Department Records - Requires a separate permit application and fee. Applications are available at the Police Department (630) 368-8702

Fire Prevention Inspections are arranged by contacting the Fire Prevention Bureau at (630) 368-5220.

Food Handling - Any construction that involves food handling must receive approval from the DuPage County Health Dept. before the Development services Department will approve a permit. Call (630) 620-3350 for further information. (Commercial only) General Contractors Licenses - Not Required at this time.

JULIE - The following colors will be used by utility companies when marking the location of underground lines with either paint or flags or a combination of both:

UtilityFlag Color
Gas, Oil, Petroleum 
Proposed Excavation 
Reclaimed Water 
Communication, Telephone, Television
Temporary Survey

For more information, you can access the JULIE website

Privately Owned Lines

It is important to note that some service lines extending from the property easement to the house belong to the homeowners, and as such are considered privately owned. JULIE member companies do not locate privately installed lines or facilities such as house-to-garage or outbuildings, gas lights, gas grills, pool heaters, etc.

Licenses Required - Copy of current State Plumbing, tested Electrician and State Roofing licenses. Other municipalities' "business" licenses are not acceptable.

Residential Exterior Review Approvals - Homes located in subdivisions with an Architectural Review Committee should have their plans reviewed by those committees to insure compliance with the Subdivision Covenants. This includes new homes and any exterior changes such as decks, fences, garages, pools, roofing, room additions, sheds, windows, doors, etc. Some subdivisions requiring architectural review approval are: Brittwood Creek, Briarwood Lakes, Brook Forest, Chateaux Woods, Covington Court, Forest Gate, Forest Glen, Ginger Creek, Heritage Oaks, Hunter Trails, Kanan Court, Merry Lane, Midwest Chase, Midwest Club, Oak Brook Club, Oakland, Old Oak Brook, Robin Hood Ranch, Saddle Brook, Steeplechase, Sue Boon, Timber Trails, Trinity Lakes, West Oak Brook, York Woods and Yorkshire Woods. Contact your homeowner association and/or check the Subdivision Covenants that were received at time of closing to determine whether an architectural review is required.

Sanitary Sewers: Sanitary sewers that serve individual homes or commercial properties are either maintained by the Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District - (630) 323-3299 or the Downers Grove Sanitary District - (630) 969-0664. If you should experience a sanitary backup and the problem occurs from within your home to five (5) feet beyond the foundation, a permit is required by the Village NOT the sanitary district; anything beyond five (5) feet is under the control and jurisdiction of the sanitary district. If you have any other concerns regarding sanitary service, you should call whichever district services your property.

Sign Permits - All exterior signage, site work, etc. require separate permits. Illuminated signs also require an Electric application.

Surety Bonds - Not Required

Water Meter or Water Service - Contact the Public Works Department, (630) 368-5270.

Wells (Private)  - The DuPage County Health Department - Environmental Health Services must be notified prior to the release of any residential demolition or residential addition permit applications regarding wells. Call DuPage County at (630) 682-7400, ext. 7046 prior to submitting application.