Raffle Licenses

Raffle Licenses
The Village of Oak Brook requires that an organization must obtain a raffle license in order to conduct a raffle within the Village.

Title 4, Chapter 7, Raffles, from the Village Code relates to the rules and regulations of raffles held in Oak Brook. Please note that the State Statute requires that an organization must be in existence for a five-year period in order to be issued a raffle license (230 ILCS 15/2 (b)).

Complete the application (PDF) and submit as required along with the $25 raffle license fee, a copy of the Illinois Department of Revenue letter indicating your organization is a non-profit charitable organization and the appropriate fidelity bond to Kathy Vonachen, Deputy Clerk, 1200 Oak Brook Road, Oak Brook, IL 60523.

The Village Manager may determine if the fidelity bond requirement should be waived due to the nature, past experience or competence of the organization involved. If you wish to have the fidelity bond waived, please state this in a letter to the Village Manager and include it with the application. The Village Manager shall give notice of such waiver to the Village President and Board of Trustees not less than forty-eight hours before the license becomes effective. Within such forty-eight hour period, the Village Manager or any member of the Village Board may, through notice to the Village Manager, cause this waiver to be stayed. In such case the matter will be formally presented to the Village Board at their next regular Board meeting for a decision. Once this process is completed, the Village Clerk will contact you by telephone verifying your raffle license is to be issued and sent to you.

Please contact the Village Clerk’s office at (630) 368-5036 if you require any assistance in compliance of our Raffle regulations within Oak Brook.