General Construction Information

Construction equipment at a site

Capital Improvement Projects

The following projects will occur in 2016 which affect infrastructure within the Village of Oak Brook.

2016 Paving Projects:

The 2016 program includes two major projects. Both projects are being bid out in March.

  1. The 2016 Street Improvement Project will improve a number of streets in the village as shown on the attached map (PDF). Infrastructure funds will be used to pay for the approximate three million dollar project.
  2. The Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) Phase 2 Project to construct irrigated landscaped medians and new decorative roadway lighting on 22nd Street and York Road as shown on the attached map (PDF). Hotel tax funds will be used along with a grant that will pay for approximately one third of the approximate two and a half million dollar project.

Water Main Projects:

There are no water main projects scheduled for this year.