Engineering Permits

Construction equipment traveling down a street

Required Permits 

Engineering permits are required for:

  • Land modification
  • New commercial buildings
  • New homes
  • Retaining walls within easements
  • Some commercial building additions
  • Some home additions
  • Work in Village rights-of-way
  • Driveways

Permits are administered as follows:

The application is processed within the Development Services Department.

All other permit applications are available on the Building Permit Applications page. Applications are filed with Development Services who then routes those parts of the application to individuals or other village departments for specific review. Items of an engineering nature are forwarded to Engineering for technical review that is primarily focused on Title 9 of the Village Code. As soon as all engineering items have been approved, that part of the application is returned and when Building Division of the Development Services Department has all of the pieces of the permit, they issue the permit and collect the fees.


Engineering is located within the Development Services Department located in the west half of the Butler Government Center (Village Hall) at 1200 Oak Brook Road (31st Street) just East of Jorie Boulevard.

Construction Standards

The village's Public Works Construction Standards contain detailed information regarding standards for various construction issues. Section 8 of those standards contains general instructions for engineering permits. The standards can be obtained at the reception desk of the Village Hall.