Juvenile Expungement

Juvenile Expungement Information

On the first of each year, the Oak Brook Police Department will automatically expunge qualified arrests that occurred one year or more prior to the first unless there has been a subsequent arrest within 6 months. You will receive written notification if your arrest is automatically expunged. Nothing prohibits you from filing for an expungement prior to the first of the year. If you were charged with any of the following, use the link below to assist you through the expungement process.

  • Charged with Village Ordinance: Appearance in Adult Field Court
  • Charged with State Statute: Appearance in Adult House/Field Court
  • Charged with Administrative Citation: Failure to pay fine, resulting in an appearance in Adult Field Court
  • Charged as a Juvenile: Informal Station Adjustment
  • Charged as a Juvenile: Formal Station Adjustment
  • Charged as a Juvenile: Administrative Adjudication / Deferred Prosecution
  • Taken into custody: No action taken.
  • Preliminary Conference/Direct Files - If your case is turned over to the Juvenile Court via a Preliminary Conference or Direct File, the Juvenile Court will provide you with subsequent expungement information based on the outcome of the Conference or Direct File.

Expungement Information

If you need assistance obtaining a printed copy of this information, you can come to the Oak Brook Police Department Records Division Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and obtain a printed copy of your information packet.