What do you test for in the water?

Oak Brook strives to deliver a consistent, high quality, drinking water. Many steps must be taken to attain this goal. Daily monitoring is conducted at all three receiving stations. Numerous water samples are collected throughout the village during the year to meet State and Federal water quality requirements. If you would like to view the Comprehensive Chemical Analysis form, please visit DuPage Water Commission - Comprehensive Chemical Analysis.  

Oak Brook Water System Annual Consumer Confidence Report. Click here is see the most recent Water Quality Report (PDF).

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1. Where does my water come from?
2. What causes the "musty" taste and odor in the water?
3. Why does my water sometimes smell or taste like chlorine?
4. What do you test for in the water?
5. How can I have my water tested?
6. Do water filters work and should I use one?
7. Do I need to treat the water before I use it for my fish?
8. Does the water contain fluoride?
9. How hard is my water and should I use a water softener?
10. Do I have radon in the water?
11. Why does my water get milky white?
12. Why are there water restrictions?
13. Who should I contact for billing questions?
14. Who should I contact about my water pipes or water meter?