Human Resources



Human Resources is responsible for administering the personnel functions and providing assistance and guidance to the operating department and over 200 employees of the Village, including:

  • Labor negotiations / relations
  • Performance evaluation
  • Policy administration
  • Recruitment / selection
  • Risk management
  • Salary / benefit administration
  • Training / consultation

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Maintaining Employee Satisfaction

The Village of Oak Brook takes pride in attracting and retaining a diverse, high-quality, professional workforce in order to meet the service demands of the residents and businesses of this community. In order to remain competitive with similar markets, such as comparable local governments within the Chicagoland area, the Village’s compensation and benefits strategy has been to maintain employee salaries and benefits near the midpoint of these historically comparable communities.

Monitoring Salaries & Benefits

Human resources continues to monitor comparable communities’ salary and benefit information on a regular basis. In addition, other factors, such as cost of living, employee performance, and union contract obligations, are used in determining the Village’s compensation and benefits package.

Compensation & Benefits

The Village organization values its employees, the contribution they make to the community, and understands the importance of retaining quality employees in meeting the service needs of the community. In an effort to provide the public with more information about the Village’s personnel expenses, below are documents that detail the Village’s compensation and benefits.