Fire Prevention

The primary objective of the Fire Prevention Division of the Fire Department is to assist our community in providing a safe working and/or living environment with a special emphasis on preventing fires. This is accomplished through regular fire code inspections of all commercial buildings in Oak Brook. Residential fire safety inspections may also be performed at the request of any Oak Brook homeowner by simply calling (630) 368-5220 to schedule an appointment.

Fire Code Inspections
For questions regarding fire code inspections, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (630) 368-5220.

Fire Safety / Prevention Classes
For information on fire safety programs or classes see Public Safety Education or contact the Public Education Coordinator, Glen Washington at (630) 368-5220.

Alarm Fees for False Alarms
The Oak Brook Fire Department encourages residents and businesses to have their fire alarm systems tested annually to ensure they are working properly and do not malfunction and/or transmit false fire alarms that require unnecessary emergency response. A $250.00 fine is assessed for each false alarm . If you have a question regarding a false alarm bill or feel that you have received a bill in error, please contact the Fire Chief at (630) 368-5200.

Permits - Bonfires and Open Burning - Pyrotechnics
A permit is required in Oak Brook for open burning for all fires with the exception of cooking fires and leaf burning. An EPA Permit must be obtained for all wildland burns.To obtain a permit, see Bonfire / Open Burn (PDF) for specific requirements. A permit is also required for any planned pyrotechnics or fireworks displays. To obtain a permit, see Fireworks Application. Contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (630) 368-5220 for additional information.

Knox Rapid Entry System
A Knox Box, known officially as the KNOX Rapid Entry System is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for Fire Department personnel to retrieve in emergencies. Local fire companies can hold master keys to all such boxes in their response area, so that they can quickly enter a building without having to force entry or find individual keys held in deposit at the station. Knox Boxes simplify key control for local fire departments. They also cut fire losses for building owners since firefighters can enter buildings without breaking doors or windows.The Knox Box needs to be visible and readily accessible to the Fire Department. You can reference the neighboring store fronts.

For additional information contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (630) 368-5220.

 To order a Knox Box, go to the Knox Box website > Products > Commercial Knox Boxes > Knox Box 3200 Series. There you’ll learn about the product (size, mounting option, security level, and color). To purchase the Knox Box; select the BUY tab at the homepage, enter “Oak Brook” in the local fire department/agency, select OAK BROOK FIRE DEPARTMENT., find Knox Box 3200 Series and click SELECT AND CONFIGURE, choose your options, fill out the product installation address and submit. Once it is submitted, an email is sent to both the Fire and Development Services Departments for approval. Once approved, the Knox Box will be sent in the mail.

Additional Information
Please view the Alarm & Sprinkler Page.