General Information - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is to help answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the permit process in Oak Brook. If you still have questions after reading this general information, please contact the Development Services Department (formerly referred to as the Community Development or Building Department) Monday - Friday at (630) 368-5101 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Building Inspector

A Building Inspector can best answer specific code questions at (630) 368-5114 or (630) 368-5110. You can access the adopted Building Codes online. Go to the Village Code then scroll down to Title 10 for the Building Regulations. Here is the link to the Permit and Bond Fees Schedule (PDF).

  1. Building Permits Submittal Requirements

    Permits are now completed online. Please follow the link located on the Development Services page. Many RESIDENTIAL homeowner associations require approval for all exterior work, which should be determined prior to submittal. COMMERCIAL Properties may require a stamp of approval PRIOR to submittal of plans. This is required for all jobs located in the Oakbrook Shopping Center as well as many other shopping areas in the Village.  

  2. Fire Alarm Permits and Fire Sprinkler Permits

    Requires a separate application and fee.Applications are reviewed and issued by the Fire Prevention Bureau - General Contractors should check to determine if the extent of commercial renovations being done would require fire alarm and / or sprinkler drawings by the Fire Prevention Bureau before occupancy. (commercial only) Applications are available at the Fire Prevention Bureau, (630) 368-5220.