Special Event Liquor Licenses

Special Event Liquor Licenses
The purpose of this section is to provide for the issuance of Special Event Liquor for the sale or dispensing of alcoholic liquor during special events. Applications for a Special Event Liquor License shall be filed with the Village Clerk.

The Village offers two (2) types of Special Event Liquor Licenses:

1.  Per-Event Special Event Liquor License (PDF) - $50.00 each event (Class F License) and
2.  Annual Special Events Liquor License (PDF) - $500.00 for up to 10 events in a license year (Class M License).

For Annual Special Event Liquor License (Class M License) the applicant must also fill out a Notification form (PDF) for each event. The Annual Special Event License entitles the applicant to conduct more than one but no more than ten (10) special events in one license year. When an applicant has held ten (10) special events within a year, an applicant must either apply for a Annual Special Events Liquor License that would allow for up to an additional ten (10) events, or apply for a Per-Event Special Event Liquor License.
The licensee shall notify the Village Clerk of each event to be held no less than ten (10) days prior to the event, and shall obtain a license to be posted at such event along with the State required signs. If notification is less than ten (10) days prior to the event, a surcharge of $50 shall be assessed in addition to all other fees.

The following insurance provisions requirements for Special Events Liquor License must be met:
  • Each special event shall last no longer than three (3) days.
  • It shall be the responsibility of any special event licensee selling alcoholic liquor to provide certified training from the state licensed beverage alcohol seller server education training (BASSET) program or training for intervention procedures (TIPS) program to its liquor managers (except for caterers), bartenders, servers, and any other employee involved in the furnishing of alcoholic beverages to customers at a special event. Each application for a special event license shall be accompanied by proof of completion (copy of certificate) of such program licensed by the state for all liquor managers and such other current employees as are necessary to comply with the provisions of this subsection. (Ord. G-570, 5-14-1996; Ord. G-805, 6-27-2006; Ord. G-932, 9-14-2010)

Also due to new regulations, beginning on July 1, 2015 all current and future BASSET cardholders will need to renew their certification every three years.  Any questions regarding this matter please contact the Illinois Liquor Control Commission at 312-814-2206.

  • Applicant shall provide the Village Clerk or the commissioner's designee with a certificate or policy of insurance as evidence that it has obtained coverage as follows: general liability insurance with limits of not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) combined single limit, or one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence and per aggregate, naming the Village of Oak Brook, it officials, employees, volunteers and agents as additional insured with respects to General Liability coverage as stated by Ordinance. Such insurance coverage shall be issued by an insurance company licensed to do business in the state and shall have a "Best" rating acceptable to the Village. The effective period of such insurance coverage shall coincide with the period during which the special event license is in effect. In addition, the applicant shall furnish evidence satisfactory to the commissioner or the commissioner's designee that it is covered by a policy of liquor liability insurance by a responsible insurance company authorized and licensed to do business in the state, insuring such applicant in the amount of not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000).

PLEASE NOTE:  Insurance requirements are not satisfied by insurance policies that contain a self-insurance retention provision (SIR) for either general liability or liquor liability insurance.

Print application and submit as required to Connie Reid, Deputy Clerk, 1200 Oak Brook Road, Oak Brook, IL 60523.

Title 4, Chapter 1, Sections 17, the Liquor Control Chapter of the Village Code of Oak Brook. This section indicates the regulations of a Special Event Liquor License and the procedures to follow for application of such a license.

Please contact the Village Clerk's office at (630) 368-5026 if you require any assistance in compliance of our Liquor Control regulations within Oak Brook.

Email the Village of Oak Brook your inquiries.