Homeowner's Association Liaison Officer Program (HALO)

The Oak Brook Police Department utilizes community policing programs designed to strengthen lines of communication between the department and community members. The Homeowner's Association Liaison Officer Program (HALO) is a successful program that addresses specific concerns of each subdivision and homeowner's associations within the Village of Oak Brook. Each subdivision and homeowner's association are assigned an Officer to serve as liaison, establishing regular communication and addressing concerns specific to that subdivision. The following is a list of all subdivisions that participate in the program and their assigned liaison Officer.

Officer AssignedPhone NumberEmail
HALO SupervisorSergeant Kadolph(630) 368-8725Email Officer Kadolph
Breakenridge FarmOfficer Russell(630) 706-4062Email Officer Russell
Briarwood LakesOfficer Crook(630) 706-4060Email Officer Crook
Brook ForestOfficer Barnes(630) 706-4057Email Officer Barnes
Chateaux WoodsOfficer Foltyniewicz(630) 706-4077Email Officer Foltyniewicz
CovingtonOfficer Barnes(630) 706-4057Email Officer Barnes
Forest GateOfficer Perez(630) 706-4066Email Officer Perez
Forest GlenOfficer Franczak(630) 706-4069Email Officer Franczak
FullersburgOfficer Warren(630) 706-4072Email Officer Warren
Ginger CreekOfficer Barnes(630) 706-4057Email Officer Barnes
Heritage OaksOfficer Foltyniewicz(630) 706-4077Email Officer Foltyniewicz
Hunter TrailsOfficer Warren(630) 706-4072Email Officer Warren
Midwest ChaseOfficer Kaleciak(630) 706-4071Email Officer Kaleciak
Midwest ClubOfficer Kaleciak(630) 706-4071Email Officer Kaleciak
Oak Brook ClubDetective Torlo(630) 368-8747Email Detective Torlo
Oak Brook Hills RoadOfficer Crook(630) 706-4060Email Officer Crook
Oak Brook LakesOfficer Russell(630) 706-4062Email Officer Russell
Old Oak BrookOfficer Russell(630) 706-4062Email Officer Russell
Robin Hood RanchOfficer Russell(630) 706-4062Email Officer Russell
SaddlebrookOfficer Kaleciak(630) 706-4071Email Officer Kaleciak
SteeplechaseDetective Torlo(630) 368-8747Email Detective Torlo
Timber TrailsOfficer Franczak(630) 706-4069Email Officer Franczak
Trinity LakesOfficer Foltyniewicz(630) 706-4077Email Officer Foltyniewicz
Wendall WoodsOfficer Warren(630) 706-4072Email Officer Warren
West Oak BrookOfficer Crook(630) 706-4060Email Officer Crook
Woodside EstatesOfficer Franczak(630) 706-4069Email Officer Franczak
York WoodsOfficer Perez(630) 706-4066Email Officer Perez
Yorkshire WoodsOfficer Franczak(630) 706-4069Email Officer Franczak