Police Transparency & Accountability

Welcome to the Oak Brook Police Department Transparency and Accountability Page.  As an illustration of our commitment to Procedural Justice and Legitimacy we have created this page to offer full disclosure of our policies and outcomes pertaining to the response to resistance, citizen complaints, and force options training.  The Oak Brook Police Department is committed to the very highest standards of law enforcement process and providing the community with the best police services in the region.  We encourage you to examine our accredited policies that have been vetted by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.  This page will be updated in the future with more documentation as it becomes available.  Should you have any questions on these documents or our process, please direct them to the Office of the Chief of Police at:

Chief James R. Kruger Jr.
Oak Brook Police Department
1200 Oak Brook Road
Oak Brook, Illinois  60523


2017 Use of Force Yearly Report click here.
2017 Bias Based Policing Analysis click here.
2016 Use of Force Yearly Report click here.
2015 Use of Force Yearly Report click here.
2015 Bias Based Policing Analysis click here.
Complaint and Commendation Form click here.


ADM 111 - Internal Affairs click here.
FOR 500 - Response to Resistance click here.
FOR 501 - Investigating Response to Resistance click here.
FOR 502 - Less Lethal Kinetic Energy Impact Projectiles click here.
FOR 503 - Conducted Electrical Weapon click here.
FOR 505 - Expandable Impact Baton click here.
FOR 506 - Use of Oleoresin Capsicum click here.
OPR 302 - Firearms and Ammunition click here.
OPR 303 - Pursuit of Motor Vehicles click here.
OPR 349 - Search and Seizure click here.
PER 200 - Rules of Conduct click here.